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chapter #84 : Saya bosan. Anda?
Jun 8, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

so far, i got some reply for the preview post (:

me : my friend

*ya i want the bitch's number
*hell no
*juz save it. in case :P
*nt interested? haha
*nah, she look so indian-ish
*haha. she mix la. cool what. haha
*u knw mamak?
*im not interested anything that is mamak based


Farhan : eh i want that bitch number.
RM1 per night is a reasonable price. hahhaha
Farhan : i mean 1 BUCK

i give the bitch's number at his blog (:
ok. enough bout this.

today, do nothing at home.
yeah. i didnt go to work.
cause selsema babi attack me. haha.
these few days, im not feel so good. sigh.

so i just sit at home.
watch tv. then i sleep.
what a boring day -_-
that's all for now.


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