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chapter #81 : random post
Jun 4, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

DAY OFF! weee!

in my schedule, shud be sayang come to my house at 11.45am. that is what he told me.
"i come to your house at 11.45"

i woke up at 11.59am.

i go check my phone. no call from him. i called him then no answer.
im like -_-
i wonder how many missed call he get from me.
sure like 30 missed call from chentaku ? -_-

today, i watch gubra. yesterday i watch sepet.
i like to watch them so many times. best kot? (:
i finish my bathe at 2.30pm.
then get ready for an interview at the legend hotel.
sadly, my sayang is not around. din get any "gdluck" from him. hmmph.

so yeah. met wida at the mall.
then we met this one cute guy who sell CK ONE SUMMER only for RM60? -_-
sorry, bang. i just bought new parfume (:
wida pulak, 50 : 50.
lastly, she end up with not buying that parfume. haha
oh oh. that guy askin for my phone number
sorry. im taken by my sayang (:

the interview end at 6pm. then i straight go back home.
my feet gt blister cause im wearing wedge :S
plus no mood for jalan-jalan. and wida also in hurry.

amilia text me. she said she got UiTM shah alam.
im like. omfg! im so jealous ok?
cause i din knw i can get in or not
aww.. :(

currently waiting for upu result. haiz.
hope i can get in. wish me luck, guys (:


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