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chapter #82 : When you love somebody,
Jun 6, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

im not in the mood actually.
i feel like nak demam. sigh.
and i feel so berdebar-debar right now.
tak sedap hati feeling come to me like so many times. gosh.
in my mind, something gonna happen?

leya called me.
and she broke up with her boyfriend.
when i heard her voice, she sounds so happy?
cause she really dont care bout her boyfriend btw. haha.
her boyfriend is such a JERK!
when she tell me the story,
sorry to say. but this is the fact, okay?


her case same like mine.
but her situation lil bit diff with mine
which her boyfriend already got a girlfriend before he met my friend (i guess?)
but the plot still same (:
soo.. the guy wanna break up. maybe cause dah KANTOI?
then the girl call my friend, so they got talk, talk and talk.
so, my friend agree to break up.

my case, sayang kantoi with me.
but i never ask him to break up.
between my case and her case, mine is more complicated. hahaha.
but she can handle this prob.
me? no way. i cry everyday, every night.
honestly, im a sensitive person. and i cry alot. so what?

i just hate people who tell lies..
i know, i also not really good.
what i mean is in ur relationship.
when you love somebody,
be honest to your partner.
never lie to them.
what is the point if you lie to them?
you just create a new prob.
and later you gonna stress cause cannot tahan with it.

i tell this cause i already learn my lesson.


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