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chapter #17: My mind tells me to give up
Nov 5, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Time passes as I watch you walk away,
The tears start to express what i cannot say,
You have turned your back to me forever,
I cannot bear to live again, never.

Emptiness and darkness
envelope me from everywhere,
Loneliness and regret consume me,
I'm unable to share,
I'm alive and I'm still breathing,
And yet, my heart seems to have
stopped beating.

I start to wish if we had never met,
The affection and care
u showed me all gone,
What choice do i have,
but to sit back and mourn?
I'm sick and tired of being alone,
My dreams are all battered and torn,
My trust, my faith seems
so meaningless now,
I'm unable to take this pain anymore.

Yet my heart tells me to forgive,
To let go of the past, to let the love live,
But a broken heart cannot think any good,
It's probably reacting just the way it should.

How you can change
all those lies to nothing, just fun.
It hurts to know how
I've been played with and toyed.

I carry my broken heart with me,
It's mending, I'll never get to see,
Looking back at you,
I will try to refrain,
I'm not falling for it ever again.

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