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chapter #11: cause its thursday
Oct 30, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

my dad wake me up. and as usual he ask me "nak gi sekolah ke x arini?"
uh. dalam hati berat nak gi. cause its thursday! hahaha.
memikirkan hari ini ada rehearsal graduasi, pergi jugak lah.
since me and friends malas nak masuk awal, we breakfast dulu before gi sekolah.

oh, today anuar join us and fr the 1st time anuar hang out dengan kami.
too bad wida cant make it. im nt sure why.
but naemah datang last min. zz.

i wanted to eat roti canai.
but then no more roti canai ler.
so we eat nasi lemak. hmm. boleh tahan la. haha.
while we talkin, naemah saw dis one guy. eee. x da la hot sgt pun. haha
so, naemah try to tarik perhatian dat guy. haha. but biasa la. boys kan lembab. haha
and lelaki tu buat bodoh jela. then suddenly, naemah like showin her boobs. LOL.
not like she take off her cloth. LOL! she like mendada, u knw like menggatal way? LOL.
lame ah. haha. lucky u gt big boobs sayang. LOL. at the end, dat guy smiling at her. haha
then she start to feel bunga-bunga. muahahaha. i knw how u feel baby.

8.30am. we still x masuk sch.
8.45am, we gerak and walk to the bus station. padahal sekolah x jauh pun. lol.
naemah x gi sch cause she gt work. well. she kan money face $_$
while we walkin, we terlepas bus. like. wtf? x nak jalan kaki!
then leya and me ada unsur2 malas nak ke sekolah. haha
so we change plan, we take bus and lepak at mcdonalds ^^
we lepak until 2pm. zzz.
and i fight with ariff. whateva. hate him.

haih. like menyesal pun ada. cause i x gi sch pun. better duduk kat rumah. haih
buang masa. yes. mmg buang masa. haha.
tmr, graduation day. spm pun x start lagi. haha. nak grad konon =p
oh, i always gt prob with baju kurung. zz. cause i dun have one! ZZZ


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