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chapter #12 : graduation day
Oct 31, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i look ugly. i know. shut up! lol

from left : me, leya, naemah, wida, jajad

oh i come late for the event. haha.
reach sch around 8.30am
and guess what?
we, got prob with shoes. hahaha
wida didnt bring her shoes. same as leya.
lucky me and naemah bring shoes fr them
but the prob is, leya dunno how to wear heels. lmao. lol
so, i have to wear the heels, and she wear my flat shoes. zz. LOL.

ppl tot dat we not comin. eh hello. macam x tau pulak.
we all kan selalu datang lambat? lol
so yeah. since we all x datang for the rehearsal. everythin mess up.
i dunno when is my turn whr my position etc. cacat. zz.
and suddenly i got no shoes? we exchnge shoes? entah la. everythin cacat! hahaha

uh. ariff come to my house like 1.30AM? zzz
juz nak exchange hp? wtf? haih.
he say tmr he gt treasure hunt. so he want use my camera cause mine more clear.
pakai je N76. lol. i hate his hp. quite complicated la.
so yeah. he come. and my parent is not around. they go shop.
i dunno what they buy and rly dun care. lol

oh, im gonna get a webcam soon. hahas.

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