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chapter 108 : New desktop
Dec 11, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Current Desktop (:
it's 6.49am ~
and im still not sleeping.
the parent getting ready to go for jogging.
im still here in front of my pc, editing my desktop -.-

oh, i just love my new desktop! superb! haha.
it's pink! wee xD
click for larger image, people (:
i got nothing to do, so yeah i update my anti virus.
and now my anti virus is updated! finally -.-

alang-alang kan? better update semua. haha.
tmr i have to update my dock's icon.
currently i cannot find it. so later la.
and and i have to find a new theme. im looking for a pink xD

off to bed now.
night, people (:


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