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chapter 106 : You bring me the sadness
Dec 2, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

it's 2nd of December 2009.

day by day..
im getting down, down and down. i don't know who should i turn to? i don't have any friends. family? nahh. they wont understand a teenage girl like me. siblings? we're not close enough. boyfie? i don't think so. urghh.

im confuse with myself. the feeling that im having now. 2 days ago, i got tok with my friend.
he said "you selalu dapat guy macam ni"
agree with u, dude. i hate this feeling. and thanks to him for cooling me down. maybe i should stop. not stop but kurangkan crazy over him. haha.

so yeh. life is getting hard hard and hard. i wonder when issit this thing will end? its December. wow. dat kinda fast? 2010 will come and bye bye 2009. i hate you 2009. so go away fast! SHOOO! i feel like im living in a hell. got alot of complication during this year.

1st thing i will never forget is he cheated on me. YEH. i found out a few months ago? in April. yeh. 12 April 2009. i give u d exactly date. hahas. i begging him like hell for not leaving me. and im suffer for 3 months. within 3 months, i almost take negative thing like drugs and all. but im a gd girl so x amek la. almost actually. but cancel. LOL. i oni take pill tido. to release stress -.-

my fren backstab me. it hurt alot actually. and now no one can be trusted x.x
even my own friend? hais. susah la hidup camni. so yeh. i prefer to be alone right now. oni certain ppl dat i trusted. not all. so for the certain ppl, you guys lucky, okay? haha.

and currently im living in my own world. only god knows which world it is. haha. and YOU =p
im happy! i never felt like this before until you create the world for me :) you give me the happiness. you bring the joy and u show to me i can be happy again. thank you <3

lots of my fren went to uni and college. while im here still working. sigh. i rly dun wanna tok bout dis.
basically, my life full of pain and sadness. thanks to YOU for create this! -.-
well i hope there someone out there will rescue and safe me from this mess. LOL. lately i cant stop berangan. dont ask me why. hahas.

btw guys, bout chad michael murray it is TRUE. face the fact people xD


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