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chapter #76 : You’re my sweetest drug!
May 24, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)


and I LOVE YOU! (:
YOU'RE ROCK! teehee

sorry for the late post. haha. i juz received the pictures dis morning.
thank you, sayang. this is the best birthday ever (:
i remember, dat nite i talked to him. i said, "this is the worst birthday"
then, when we having fun at the theme park, he asked me,
"this is not the worst birthday kan? You're happy right?"

YES! im so happy! im so happy cause i celebrated my birthday with you!

actually, every year he celebrated my bday with me.
it juz, at dis time.. we celebrated at genting. haha.
we reach genting around 5pm something. then we check in, around 6 something.
at night, we jalan-jalan then stay at the cafe to watch football around 3am -_-
manchester united vs wigan. so yeah. MU WON! 2-1 baby!

oh before that, sayang sang birthday song for me. haha.
aww.. u're so sweet, baby (:
sayang bought me marble cheese cake. sooo YUMMY! (:
3 slices is enough for me. its like 3 words "I LOVE YOU". hahas

on the next day, we hang out at the theme park.
so we play all the games.
and laughing like there's no tomorrow.
aww.. i miss that moment.


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