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chapter #70 : MIA?
May 17, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

"wehh bitchh. are you there ? haha. whr hve u been ?? renduuu heee"

"hye sis..lme dh x jmpe!!"
"weh hellow farah!! how r u? lame tk dgr cer!"
"dei mane u pegi ~"
"oiitt.. kau, aku msg bkn nk reply.."

i've been MIA like so long? haha.
now im back, baby! weeee (:
its like 3 or 4 months i didnt on9.
i kena grounded by my mom cause playing game like 24/7? -_-
oh oh. myspace got IM?
im like.. err since when? so we can chat thru myspace? i mean not cmmt but PM-ING? LOL!
dah advance dowh benda2 ni. HAHAHA!

another thing is MSN!
msn chnged alot! chnge to better one? :D
i feel so dumb dumb. like.. out dated gila babi? HAHAHAHA.
then now i have to explore EVERYTHING, baby! haha.

i miss everything!
my friends here, myspace, blog, msn, games, EVERYTHING!
now im back. i hope i wont MIA again (:
talkin bout MIA, i remembered what ariff told me.
"pa tak nak nanti diorang ingat pa ni, MIA. so pa kena gi kerja."
im like.. heh? nak spend masa ngn i pun susah. gedik!
or its me yang gedik? eh, suka hati akulah! HAHAHA

oh btw, im looking for new job (:
my current job now.. making me stress and depressed (:
so anyone? tau ada keje kosong di mana2?
i wanna do part time. not permanent or full time. thank you (:
if got, PLEASE do inform me A.S.A.P (:


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