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chapter #46 : new stuff
Dec 11, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

lol. i bought bikini and snowman.
for the bikini they say i look like a pornstar
for the snowman they say i look like a mascot.
lmao. hahaha.
and finally, i gt pet. hahas.
so its a ghost. as u can see. ju on. weee ~~

ok, tmr is soleha's bday.
fahmi plan nak prank soleha.
at zrina's place. and i tell him, i can make it.
but then, around 8 sumthing,
suddenly my parent didnt let me go. so wtf.
seriously, bengang gilaaaa!
then i gt fight with ariff fr small matter.

im so sry cause x dapat datang. haiz.
i oso wanna join but haiz. stupid ah.
so today nth happen. just i slp very early.
i oso shock. haha. i slp around 1am. damn slpy.
and i really happy cause i have pet. hahas.
dude, im craving fr it so long! rawrr! haha

today i oso i no mood play audi.
idk y. maybe because dillon nt on9.
kinda bored without him.
see i want u to play audi with me!
dun play flyff! rawrr! LOL.
fam members oso little ppl on9. haiz.

so thats all peeps (:

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