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chapter #41 : you make me smile.
Dec 5, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i'll away for 3 days (:

i will go to teluk batik tmr (:
be back on monday (:

i just cant stop smiling today (:
i dont know why (:
im so happy (:
when i think back about this morning (:
it makes me laugh ((:
again and again ((:
thank you fr cheer me up (:
and i heart you for that <333

i met ariff at my house (:
he help me pack my stuff fr tmr (:
thank you, by (:
i slap him 1000x ((:
thats rly fun. cause i can bully him ((:
he cnnt slap me, cuz later he so gonna die ((:
and im so sorry fr leave u alone jz nw (:
but we rly had fun today rite? (:

no mood fr audi-ing today (:
now im dloadin flyff (:
seriously, i dunno hw to play dat game (:
plus, its an adventure game (:
damn! i hate adventure! (:

leya called me. i miss dat girl (:
wida.. and naemah oso (:
hope we keep in touch always (:

every sentence gt smiley. wonder why?
cause YOU make me smile (:

you know who you are (:

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