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chapter #36 : peekaboo!
Nov 28, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)


nice number right?
i know. lol.
1 December 2008,
i will finish my SPM (:
today paper was okay, quite hard.
but still i can answer all the question (:

oh, before i reach home.
i met atiqah and she gave me weddin invitation card. lols.
is she gonna be marry? wth? haha.
no la. its her sister actually.
the weddin is on dis sunday at cheras.
im nt sure i will go or nt. no transport T.T
but i will try (:

me and wida had a tok about our plan afta spm
me and her will find a job.
1st month we gonna spend the time for holidays
and fr the next month, job hunting will start. haha
and guess what. dis morning, she told me she saw a ghost! wtf. hahaha
well, her story quite scary but i dunno. maybe her imagination only.

today i met ariff.
he came to my house. and we gt lil bit arguement here.
nvm. i used to it. we always gt fight. like cat dog. lol
i watch dat cartoon. LOL.
so yeah, he still emo-ing. but right nw im ok. lol.
already back to normal condition.
i dunno lar. haiz
today i gt no mood, cause i gt flu.
so i rly nt comfortable with myself.

i dunno why.
but im feeling like i wan to post about dis. haha.
cause its really a fun moment for me (:
fyi : im married to Dillon. LOL.
thank you to his friend, don.
for sponsor our weddin license. LOL.
and thanks to all fr comin on my weddin party (:

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