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chapter #44 : holiday baby!
Dec 9, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

im back, people (:

teluk batik was super duper fun. cause i spent the holidays with my boyfriend also. lols. and and i went to pangkor island! hahas.

6 December 2008 :

ariff call me. he say he at ktm and waitin fr me to pick him up. hello, ada kaki kan? jalan kaki jela. LOL. jk. so i pick him up dekat ktm then we gerak ke teluk batik around 11am. dis monday is hari raya haji, so semua orang nak balik kampung la. so we havin bad traffic jam dat time. haiz. and guess what, we reach teluk batik around 5pm. yeah. we stay at Marina Cove Resort which the place very nice. but the service very slow. zz. and too bad the hotel is nt in front of the beach.

so me and ariff mandi swimming pool. lols. we tot nak mandi dekat marina theme park. but kena bayar pulak somemore, its raining! gosh! spoil je -.-
so for dinner, we ate at medan ikan bakar. located next to the beach. hahas. and we nt order ikan bakar. lols. funny thing is, i order ikan masak 3 rasa but the guy reply me "kami xda 3 rasa. ada 2 rasa je" LOLOLOL!
im laughing ok when he say dat! hahaha. xpela bang. 2 rasa pun ok la. LOL. we eat like theres no tmr. LOL. damn hungry ok? hahas. afta dinner, i lepak at ariff's rm. then we go lobby lepak at swimming pool. talkin, laughing etc. then i go back to my rm (:

7 December 2008 :

damn! i flu! so gonna spoil my mood. i keep sneeze the whole day. sigh. i woke up at 8.30am. surprise? haha. believe it. cause the bfast voucher meal only available at 7am-10am. LOL. so, afta breakfast, we went to the beach. guess what, 11am pun dah ramai org imagine if mandi time petang. lagi rmai. zz. so me and ariff jalan-jalan at the beach. then we main air. hahas.

afta dat we went to lumut. jalan-jalan over there. minum air kelapa at mamak. lols. woo. nw mamak gt wi fi huh? i didnt knw. lol. then my sis suddenly ask, "nak g pangkor x?" since we dekat lumut. near with jetty pangkor. lols. so we all agree nak g pangkor. we q up at the counter. then mendung pulak. haiz. so we cancel our plan to go pangkor. since we gt nth to do, sis boyfriend took us to teluk senangin. kat sana pun ada beach jugak. more pretty than teluk batik. cuz the sand very white one.

my sis kinda piss cause x jadi hujan. haha. if nt we all sure at pangkor right now. then we go see turtle! hahaha. but too bad. i dunno what happen cause i fell asleep in the car. my sis tell me dat we lost. cant find the place. lolol. sian. x dapat tgk turtle. then we patah balik. go back to lumut. then we had our lunch at nasi ayam mama restaurant. LOL. then we went to hutan paya bakau i guess. yea. hutan paya bakau. gt so many beruk there. i didnt go in cause my hp stuck! damn it! im so pissed off! i tot nak ambil pic beruk. then gt stuck. sial ah. rawrrr!

we go back to resort around 5pm and i gt dress very fast cause cnnt tahan anymore. i wanna go to the beach! hahaha. sis boyfriend nt join us. so just three of us. i really had fun. cause i nv mandi laut with ariff before. and we sewa pelampung. hahas. damn fun. ariff teach me hw to swim. haha. yeah. i dunno hw to swim. gt prob with dat? LOL. we cnnt spend to long at the beach cause later we going to night safari at taiping. we all gerak to taiping at 7pm. its raining. sigh. and i still flu-ing. lol. i rly tired. maybe cause mandi laut kot? so i slp in the car. ariff oso. when i woke up, we still x smpai lagi dekat taiping. 47km more. and dat time already 9.30pm. night safari close at 10pm. rawrr! so sure x sempat punya kan? haiz.

so we patah balik. cari tempat makan. we cannot find one. cause hujan teramatlah lebat. so we all decide to go back to teluk batik and makan dekat kedai semalam. medan ikan bakar. LOLOL! im nt hungry like ytd. damn full. dunno why. afta had dinner, we go back to resort. i decide to go in the rm cause im sick. flu gettin worse. and ariff accompany me. hahas. cause i stay at his rm! lol.

8 December 2008 :

morning (:
ariff woke me up. he call my rm. rawrrr! ngantuk ok. so i go bathe, get dress, pack stuff etc blablabla. we go down fr bfast. oh. my mom call me. ask what time we all goin back. then i say i dunno. my parent oso go holidays. haha. gedik. lol. afta breakfast, i help ariff pack his stuff. then we snap pictures. hahas. since last day dekat sana kan (:

i never eat nasi dagang before. hahas. ok now i know hw it taste. haha. boleh tahan la. sedap jugak. eat nasi dagang at sis boyfriend hse. aha! finally we go to pangkor! weee ~~
but this time mmg hujan. haha. but x lebat sangat la. so we buy ticket at jetty and go to pangkor by ferry.

when we reach pangkor, we sewa kereta. rm70 fr 3 hours. lol. so we pusing 1 pangkor. hahas. we went to kota belanda, batu bersurat, errr we cannot find rumah api. lols. then we stop at teluk nipah. lepak2 minum petang. lols. then me and ariff survey barang. what to buy when we come to pangkor nex month. lol. so 5pm, we reach pekan pangkor and go back to jetty nak balik. damn tired. i fell asleep in the ferry. we all fell asleep. haha. reach lumut around 6 sumthin. then we on the way to KL. and guess what. traffic jam -.-

so i reach KL around 11pm. and my dad keep callin us why lambat sangat nak sampai cause diorg dh sampai rumah. but key house dekat i. LOL. bukan diorg xda spare key. but kunci padlock dekat i! lolol. so they have to wait fr us like 4 hours. lol. sry =p
ariff sleepover at my hse cause ktm pun dah tutup dah kul 11 lebih. hahas.

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