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chapter #30 : upside down
Nov 15, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

dear stranger,
i should not trust you at the first place!
you ruin everything!
i hate you more, more and MOREEEEEEEEE!!!

jus now i gt fight with ariff.
omfg. please la. im tired of this bullshit.
i know its my fault. ENOUGH LA.
past is the past! i wont do that again!!
then, i switch off my phone. nah! i feel good!

we fight fr stupid things. lame la.
all he do is nag, nag and nag! and never stop!
too bad i got nagging boyfriend. zzz.
spoil my mood only. sia la.

the whole day, im playing audi.
damn. i shud go study now.
i gt science paper 1 & 2 on this monday.
no paper on tuesday.
and got paper on wednesday which is agama. sigh.
i scare i fail agama. last time i pass. scare fail again.
well, im nt paying attention when it turns to agama.

gosh, i really nid to workout.
its been long time i didnt go to fitness.
tmr, ariff going to fitness. sigh.
wish i can go. miss the jacuzzi. LOL.

uh oh. now im fucking broke!
its all because i forgot to bring exam slip!! ggrrr!
and kena charge 5bucks. suay betul!
then, kena charge lagi duit cab. duh!
now i no money -.-

sad case. haiz.


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