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chapter #29 : life is getting better
Nov 14, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

lolol. guess what.
i fell asleep on comp desk. wth. LOL.
that is the first time i spent my time with dar like crazy. LOL.
we start play audi around 2PM and end up like 4.30AM.
itu pun sebab i tertidur. LOL.
shud be offline around 2am something.
but then, i cant sleep and he pei me. thank you, dar (:

that moment, i was waiting text from ariff.
tapi x dapat pun. maybe he dah tidur.
so yeah. i wake up, 7am itu pun i terjaga. LOL.
then, i exit, walk to my bed. and ZZzzZZ!
i wake up like 1 something. damn sleepy!
agree with fahmi. main game mmg addict.

ariff ask me to follow him mandi sungai tmr. wth?
by, u tau x i ni SPM? lol.
plus, mandi sungai waktu pagi pulak tu. crazy. zzz
im so gonna get flu attack later. hahaha.
i wish i can join him. but i cant. haiz.

oh, leya's father lagi gila. zz
since today no paper,
her dad nak holiday dekat pulau tioman. WTF?
with the family. lol. means, leya pun ikut la.
dis one oso crazy. lol

today i gt fight with ariff.
fight of the day : bout choosing celcom or maxis.
lame. i know -.-
but, i love him (:


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