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chapter #25 : first day
Nov 11, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

sejarah paper 1 damn hard. sigh.
start at 11.10am and i finish dat paper
let see.. at 11.30am? LOL!
i tot nak keluar dowh frm dewan. tapi x boleh. pengetua x bagi. sial!
haha. sial lagi. LOL?

bm paper was okay la. quite easy.
hmm.. okay okay la. LOL. x da la senang sangat.
nak kata susah pun x jugak.
so yeah. boleh la. LOL!

uh, guess what. ariff sleep over at my house.
OH! MY! GOD! hahahaha!
yeah. he sit at beside me right now.
and watching what am i doing. LOL.

gila surprise wey. x penah2 mamat ni tidur umah aku. zz. lols
since he ada kat sini, of cuz la i x boleh nak study. LOL
but im happy la. he dapat sleep over kat sini kan. heee. hahas
and of cuz he tido kat luar! HAHAHA!

so for tmr, english paper 1 & 2 and sejarah paper 2.
geez, i think im gonna drop sejarah dowh.
OMG. i just hate history! -.-

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