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chapter #21 : a normal day
Nov 8, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

SPM : 3 days left

yeah. i still got time to blogging.
urgh. stop pushing me to study. i know i know.
but sometimes u dont need to study like 24/7
my parent went out. and they left me alone. zzz.

hmm. i buat pizza today. and x jadi. sebab dia keras. haha
hello? last i buat pizza. hmm.. tahun lepas kot?
bukan x boleh makan langsung. haha. boleh la. haha.
very sarcastic, my family.
suddenly, they use flatware and cutlery.
normally, hentam je. ciss. ketara okay? haha

my parent, going to indonesia soon.
me and sis planning to go teluk batik. muahahaha.
dun ask. zz. lol. its her idea. not mine.
and and...
i plan dengan ariff nak g pangkor.
weeeee ~~
i love pangkor. its nice.
omg. cant wait dowh! hahaha.
just the two of us, sayang <333

so, lets talk about SPM
i start on tuesday, 11 November and finish on, 1 December 2008.
1 month, huh? nope. only 3 weeks.
i have to face 8 papers.
6 subjek asas dan 2 subjek tambahan.
afta spm, im free ~
got the freedom! lol.
wish me luck, guys (:

oh btw, thanks you, azrina. hahaha.
for the full name. iloveyou <33


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